Property Management

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is an integral part of managing any large property for both protection and upkeep. We pride ourselves as responsive and responsible caretakers who maintain responsibility for repairing fixtures and maintaining the structural integrity of the building.

Property Administration

As it relates to property management, our property administration services include but are not limited to administration of the office and its systems, inquiries and applications, residents’ inquiries and concerns and liaison with residents. We also cover many financial responsibilities.

Lease Administration

We handle all leasing or rental responsibilities including lease review and abstracting, accounting and processing, lease audits, lease renewal options, repairs and maintenance, information management and reporting, occupancy cost analysis, operating expense review, and document storage and maintenance.

Mortgage Financing

At Old Orchard Properties, we provide financing to qualified clients and can also help arrange mortgage financing for clients. Our rates are competitive and we offer flexible terms to facilitate construction.

Reserve Fund Studies

For us at Old Orchard Properties, we provide reserve fund studies for many clients. A reserve study is a long-term capital budget planning tool which identifies the current status of the reserve fund and a stable and equitable funding plan to offset ongoing deterioration, resulting in sufficient funds when those anticipated major common area expenditures actually occur.

Building Condition Assessments

Building Condition Assessments are comprehensive reports that are completed by professionals outlining the overall condition of a building and its individual components. Over many years, we have provided many BCAs for our clients ranging from residential to commercial to industrial.

Buildings contain hundreds of building components with many different lifespans. A Building Condition Report compiles a list and outlines the condition of all of the major components including the following: structure, exterior enclosure, interior finishes, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, and various site components.

BCAs are used to predict lifespans and future costs associated with major repairs or replacements. Professionals are equipped with historical data and experiences. These assessments are integral for re-financing, financial planning or buying or selling a property and are obtained by commercial and personal property owners.